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In this section, you will find the list services offered by Appolon Bioteck.

Our expertise

Appolon Bioteck, shares its expertise in cytogenetic and molecular biology with the laboratories investing in diagnosis based on the most innovative technologies. Our Products are ready to use and easy to transfer to medical genetics and clinical laboratories specialized in human and animal health as well as to food security laboratories. Appolon Bioteck has established the distribution channels to promote the products and to provide expert support to their customers in Europe, North Africa and North America.


Companion diagnostics is becoming a key element in cancer treatment. New predictive biomarkers and molecular strategies for personalized cancer therapies are currently available to treat each individual patient depending on the genetic characteristics of its tumor. Apollon Bioteck manufactures and promotes ready to use IVD assays for companion Diagnostics. These assays are based on innovative technologies such as new-generation sequencing, DNA chips and real-time PCR.


Appolon Bioteck offers IVD assays based on molecular biology
Autoinflammatory disorders :

  • Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF, gene MEFV)
  • TNF receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS, gene TNFRSF1A)
  • Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome (CAPS, gene NLRP3)
  • Mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD, gene MVK)
Cystic fibrosis :
  • Full CFTR gene sequencing by NGS
Mental Retardation :
  • Fragile X Syndrome: FMR-1 gene
  • Trisomies 13, 18 et 21
Infertility :
  • CFTR gene
  • FMR-1 Mutation
  • Deletions of Y chromosome
Hemostasis :
  • Factor V Leiden (p.Arg506Gln)
  • Factor II (g.20210G>A)
  • MTHFR (c.677C>T)
Hemochromatosis :
  • p.Ser65Cys
  • C.282H, p.H63D
Alpha-1 Antitrypsine :
  • Variant S; p.Glu264Val
  • Variant Z; p.Glu342Lys
Lactose Intolerance :
  • c.13910T>C
  • c.22018G>A


Cases of food allergies are increasing since the past years, actually in Europe is estimated that 6% of children and 2 to 4% of adults have a food allergy. Food allergens are proteins found in certain foods and can cause in concerned people allergic immune response. This immune response triggers symptoms such as rush, facial itching, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea,… etc. Most of allergic reactions are benign but in rare cases can be life threatening (anaphylactic shock). Unfortunately, there is no cure for food allergies which leads those at risk for avoidance of foodstuffs containing allergens.

To inform consumers of the risks of allergic reactions, the food manufacturers are required to state explicitly the labeling of allergens present or likely to be present in the product in accordance with the European Labelling Directive 2003/89/CE. Since December 2007, the European labelling directive 2007/68/CE has listed 14 allergens responsible for the majority of food allergies. These allergens must be listed in the package of food products, these are: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye), shellfish, fish, eggs, peanuts, soy, milk, fruits nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphites, lupine and molluscs.

To help ensure the absence of allergens in your products, Appolon Bioteck offers specific Real time PCR (RT-PCR) assays of the each allergen. These assays are based on DNA detection which has the advantage of being heat-stable and thus be detected in processed products unlike a protein that is denatured under the effect of heat and by some industrial process. The range of allergens RT-PCR assays is summarized as follow: Sesame – Fish – Crustaceans – Yellow mustard - Egg (chicken) - Milk (beef) - Cashew nuts - Pecan – Hazelnuts – Peanuts - Soybean Almond – Celery – Lupine – Pistachio – Nuts - Brazil nuts - Acadamia nuts

Food Security

Apollon Bioteck is a biotechnology company specialized in the production and marketing of molecular biology assays for Animal Health diagnosis and molecular food security. We offer a range of easy to use and efficient assays to help laboratory professionals in these fields to analyze with reliability and safety any products and meet the demands of the customers in terms of turnaround time.

The scandal of horse meat had exposed to the public the traceability defects of the meat origin in foodstuffs that was not without consequences in the sector of food industry. Since then, the adulteration of meat products by horse meat, pork or other animal species (not shown for example in the product labelling) became a major concern of consumers. Appolon Bioteck offers through an innovative technology, the detection and identification of DNA from 24 animal different species.

Appolon Bioteck is promoting new assays based on Chip technology for meat detection from of 24 different animals in fresh or processed food like burgers, pizza or lasagna products… Our assays help experts to check detect smaller traces of horsemeat or pork in any processed food product. This is also very important for Halal meat issues for pork detection and others non-authorized food for Muslims people.

LCD-array technology is simple, robust, fast, cost efficient and reliable. You can find the key benefits/supporting Informations:

Simultaneously detection of 17 meat and 7 poultry species across fresh cooked food. Due to the small amplicons sizes (120-130 base pairs); the assay is well suited for the analysis of sample material, which underwent intensive processing. [Results generated from extracted DNA in 2.5 hours (only 50 minutes after the PCR).

Analytical sensitivity of 0.5% i.e. depending on the starting material, addition of less than 0.5% materiel from any species can be detected within a background of 99.5% materiel from other species.