Lyon, May 05, 2020.


The death toll is now 25 000 dead in hospitals, social and medico-social establishments since the start of the epidemic on March 1, 2020. The medical profession is on the warpath and denounces the shortages of equipment; Masks patched up, lack of screening tests, hygiene, facing the Covid-19, health professionals are tinkering with makeshift solutions and screaming their tears.

It is in this context that Appolon Bioteck - a French company specializing in biotechnology - is engaged in the fight against COVID-19 by providing innovative technologies in molecular biology. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 2 million tests have been disseminated across France; Extraction, amplification, detection kit, Appolon Bioteck technicians install and calibrate the equipment in the laboratories, then train the teams on site so that they can be operational only a few hours after receiving the kits (process marked CE-IVD ).


Appolon Bioteck is making national efforts to secure the supply of medical equipment to support the fight against the pandemic. The company announces the opening of a new production site for nasopharyngeal swabs with their transport media, as well as protective masks for healthcare workers (FFP2 and surgical masks) in the coming weeks.


Dr Saïd EL MOUATASSIM, CEO and co-founder of Appolon Bioteck "Human and health security is a priority. We have developed a multitude of solutions to deal with this health crisis. As a healthcare professional, the urgent and vital needs in terms of screening tests, masks, swabs prompted me to react. Our production will be distributed in priority to the French care system. I am honored to support the national effort by taking part in the fight against COVID "

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